Review | The Poet Cafe

With me, poetry has not been about a purpose, but a passion.
Edgar Allan Poe

When perusing through Poet Cafe’s website, you can feel the owner’s enthusiasm and pride shine through for his hometown of Old Tehran.

He promises an inviting, hospitable and one of a kind experience.

Well, two out of three is true.

When you walk into Poet, it is obvious that the decor is paying homage to the owner’s Middle Eastern roots blended in with the contemporary interior design.  It feels like a warm inviting welcome into an old friend’s home.

Poet’s claim to fame is the traditional Sunday Persian brunch consisting of a main entrée and six tapa-style side dishes for $23.99.

Although the server gave me a fair warning that the tahini date omelette would be sweet, I thought the nutty sesame paste would balance it out.  There is a whole lot of sugary goodness satisfying my sweet tooth in this dish.  A break from the decadence comes from the side of cucumber and tomato slices.

The custard-like texture and sweetness of the eggs was reminiscent of my mom’s homemade Hong Kong egg tart.  Ah bliss.

If you prefer something savoury then try the tomato omelette, similar to a shakshuka.  The accompanying lavash (thin bread) lends itself as a sponge soaking up all of the juices and herbs.

As for the side dishes, the honey and cream and homemade rose jam are absolutely delightful spreads, yet the processed luncheon meats in the Persian charcuterie is a confusing portion of the meal.

Throughout the meal, the servers didn’t come by once to refill water or asked if we were enjoying our meal failing on the hospitable experience.  But I am sadly encountering this more often in Toronto …. a topic in itself reserved for a rainy day rant.

Similar to a poet using words to express emotion, the same can be said for a chef and food, and the owner hit the mark using all the right tastes and textures one would expect from Persian cuisine, meeting the objective of a one-of-a-kind experience.

RATING: 3.5/5

173 King St E
Toronto, ON
M5A 1J4

(416) 368-POET

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