5 Reasons Why You Should Get The Instant Pot

If I told you there is a kitchen appliance that saves you time and money, allows you to throw in the ingredients and walk away for the day, AND produces healthy delicious meals. Would you believe me?

Well, these lips don’t lie.

I was first introduced to the Instant Pot at my friend Vanessa’s BBQ.  She served the most succulent sticky ooey-gooey out-of-this-world melt-off-the-bone ribs.  I was flabbergasted to learn the ribs were cooked in a pressure cooker, not a grill.

After thorough research on the good ol’ intraweb, I decided to buy the Instant Pot through their website.  And life in the kitchen has never been the same.  Here are the top five reasons why you must invest in the fastest selling kitchen appliance:

1. My slow cooker is now in the kitchen tool graveyard along with the mandolin and handheld spiralizer.  As noted in my The Chef and The Dish feature, the Instant Pot eliminates the need for additional appliances allowing more storage space. Depending on the model, the Instant Pot can act as multiple appliances in one: pressure/slow/rice cooker, yogurt maker, sauté/browning pan, steamer and warming.

Chef and Dish - Instant Pot.png

2. With my old stand-alone slow cooker, I would first have to brown the meat in a frying pan to maximize the flavour then transfer to the crock pot. Now I can cook meals all in one pot which means less time to prepare and clean-up, and more time to watch This is Us on Netflix. Plus the pot itself is dish-washer friendly!

3. It’s so easy and quick to use which is a life saver when you’re sick. When I was recently flu-stricken, I barely had any energy to get out of bed let alone run to the store to buy chicken noodle soup. So I made it at home.  All the vegetables, chicken thighs and egg noodles were thrown in the Instant Pot and voila! homemade soup in 15 minutes.

4. I’ve always been fearful of a pressure cooker based on irrational thoughts of it blowing off my face and me ending up looking like Two-Face in the Dark Knight. The Instant Pot is essentially fool-proof with the 10 level of safety protections.

Photo 2017-09-14, 7 14 36 PM

5. The Instant Pot is perfect for home cooks with a health-conscious palate. Since meals are cooked in a fully sealed contraption, nutrients and aroma remain in the ingredients versus being dispersed around the home.

Gone are the days of over-cooked, lackluster dishes or countless take-aways or dining out.  The Instant Pot is a must-have for anyone from the amateur home cook to the gourmet chef.

For a limited time, head over to the Instant Pot website and use the code “SARAINTHECITY” at checkout to save $10 off your purchase.  This coupon code isn’t applicable on other sites.

Also, subscribe to my blog for future Instant Pot recipes!

Smooches xo

*Affiliate Disclosure – This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a certain percentage if you make a purchase using this link.  This helps offset costs to maintaining Sara In The City.  All opinions expressed are my own. 

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