Tabasco Big Flavour Challenge

Picture it …. Toronto 2005.

A young lady is enjoying mojitos with her gal pals when the conversation turns to spicy foods.  That young lady brags about crushing a jar of banana peppers like it was nothing.

Beside the ladies sat a group of muscle guys overhearing the conversation with one of them, we shall call him Mr. Olympia, challenging the young lady to a jalapeno pepper eating contest.

Never to back down on a dare especially when it came to food, she confidently accepted.

After consuming 20 peppers with taste buds numbing, tummy churning and eyes watering, both participants were slowly withering yet neither of them were willing to admit defeat.

They decided to make the wager even more interesting by dipping the peppers in Tabasco sauce that eventually caused Mr. Olympia to wave the white flag and the young lady was crowned “Hot Sauce Queen.”

And that young lady …. well, that was me.

Years later, my fiery tolerance was once again challenged at the Toronto Food Truck Festival in Woodbine Park.

At the Tabasco booth, daredevils can take their taste buds on a suicidal mission with the Mash.  


This legendary sauce is ten times hotter than the original and off the Scoville scale, a measurement of heat from mild to bold. Mash is considered in the “psychotic peppery” category.

Hot Sauce ThermometerIf you want bragging rights and a chance to win a trip to Louisiana (birthplace of the Tabasco sauce), upload a photo or video trying the Mash on social media using #TabascoChallenge.  If you can’t make it to the Food Truck Festival, you can still join the adventure by tasting a spoonful of Tabasco sauce and sharing it on social media.

I took a teaspoon of the Mash anticipating an intense and overpowering sensation taking over my mouth but let’s just say, I’m the Kobayashi of hot sauce.

In the Tabasco booth, there are also stations to sample a variety of hot sauces including my new personal fave, the Sweet & Spicy.  This newest member of the Tabasco family infuses Asian spices (ginger, garlic and onion) and best used as a glaze and for dipping.

The Sweet & Spicy will hit the Canadian shores in the fall but get your hands on it sooner along with other exclusive items at the pop-up shop.


The Tabasco Big Flavour Challenge is at Toronto Food Truck Festival from August 4 – 7.  Go check it out!

What is your favourite food to put hot sauce on? Leave a comment below! 

Smooches xo

Endorsement Disclosure:  This is a collaborative post with Tabasco which I received complimentary products to try.  All opinions expressed are my own. 

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