I Was Dumped Because Of My Blog

I used to hesitate revealing my blog with guys during the courtship phase.  I rather them get to know me organically.  When the conversation is directed to interests and passions then naturally, my blog comes up.

Every guy I’ve shared Sara in the City thinks it’s interesting, witty and insightful.  Translation: They think I’M interesting, witty and insightful.

So it boggles my mind that Mr. Funeral Director* stopped talking to me because of my blog.

I met Mr. Funeral Director on the dating app Bumble and our initial conversation was the typical mundane ping-pong boilerplate messages about our job and interests including my love of blogging.

The usual banter continued leading to an invitation to meet for drinks.  He eventually mentioned his son and daughter which  I am not interested in dating a guy with kids.

After I responded that it was indeed a deal breaker.

He proceeded to text “The blogging, the Instagramming, it’s just probably indicative that we are too different.  Also the, potential of being mentioned on the blog in any context is unappealing.” 

You know what’s unappealing?

An insecure guy who deflects his pain of rejection with a personal insult, is not a guy I want to be with.

I should have known better and not chat with a guy sans profile description.  That’s usually indicative that he’s boring or lazy.

Buh bye!

queen wave.jpg

Smooches xo


2 thoughts on “I Was Dumped Because Of My Blog

  1. Lil Bear says:

    He should only be so honored to get his 5 seconds of fame on the internet. “The blogging, the Instagramming,…” sounds like a Grumpy Gramps to me!

    Liked by 1 person

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