Recipe | Pearseccotini

Imagine the backdrop of your fairy tale wedding bursting with rich colors like amber, auburn and gold? It’s no wonder more couples are swaying away from a hot sticky summer wedding day with bridesmaids sharing mini-fans and antiperspirant in the limo.

Not that I’m speaking from experience…

When (a website part-Pinterest part-Google for wedding planning) contacted me to create a fall signature drink, I was truly flattered and definitely up for the challenge.

I’ve always found a customized drink that represents the couple adds an element of elegance and enhancement to the wedding experience.

When I was thinking of fall ingredients … pumpkin spice, butternut squash and pear were on top of the list. Pumpkin spice would have been the obvious choice and butternut squash belongs in a soup so the latter option sounded the best for a wedding concoction.

For an autumn nuptials, try this sophisticated Pearseccotini for your signature wedding drink featuring seasonal ingredients.


Serving: two drinks

4 ounces vodka, chilled
3 ounces pear juice, chilled
Splash of Prosecco
Candy lollipops for garnish
Cane sugar for garnish


1. Add vodka and pear juice into a cocktail shaker filled with ice.

2. Shake well until the outside of the shaker is frosted.


3. Pour into a martin glass.

4. Splash with Prosecco.


How to rim a martini glass

1. Wet the outside rim with a lemon or lime wedge.


2. Fill a saucer with the cane sugar.

3. Place the glass from the bottom onto the saucer.

4. Slowly turn the glass so the outer edge is covered with sugar.


5. Shake off excess sugar.

6. Voila! Fill your glass with the Pearseccotini and garnish with candy lollipop.


Try this drink for an autumn wedding, Thanksgiving or a girls night in … promise you’ll enjoy it!

Smooches xo

Photo Credit: the Works by Milena Petrovic

This post was originally published on my old blog in October 2014.

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