Review | Village Ice Cream

Ice cream is exquisite – what a pity it isn’t illegal.” – Voltaire

I had the pleasure of meeting Billy Friley – proud founder and owner of Village Ice Cream – at their pop-up shop in Holt Renfrew.  After devouring their peppermint candy cane ice cream, I knew a childhood addiction awakened in me.

Billy invited me for a behind-the-scenes tour of his shop.  Like any addict, I couldn’t resist.


So who is the man behind Village Ice Cream?

Billy grew up in a household where homemade ice cream was ingrained at an early age and it didn’t even cross his mind that his favourite frozen dessert would lead him to where he is today.  It took a couple more decades and a motorbike for Billy to find his true calling.

During a journey of self-discovery through the United States, Billy found himself at an ice cream parlour in Montana.  After tasting the sweet huckleberry ice cream, he experienced a glorious moment of illumination.

That’s when Village Ice Cream was born.


Village Ice Cream is hidden away in an unassuming and secluded location in Victoria Park.

UPDATE:  Since I wrote this original blog post in January 2013, Billy has opened up two more locations in Britannia and Marda Loop. 

Once you walk inside, a blackboard appears before you with a menu of mouth-watering and tantalizing flavours.

From the traditionalist to the adventurous, there is something for everyone.



  • Huckleberry is an ode to the flavour that inspired Billy to open Village Ice Cream.
  • Salted Caramel is their best-seller.
  • They’ve partnered with Phil & Sebastian for their Coffee flavour.
  • Fresh lemon juice and zest are used in Meyer Lemon.
  • Chocolate Coconut is their first-ever Vegan flavour made with coconut milk.

Unlike most ice cream shops with mass-produced flavours, Billy keeps the selection to a minimum and ensures the ingredients remain fresh resulting in a high-quality product.  

If you’re looking for low-fat ice cream (which is an oxymoron) then look elsewhere.  Ice cream is meant to be rich, creamy and luxurious.  Besides, most low-fat products are laden with artificial sweeteners that are ultimately worse for you.  But I digress…


To fuel my craving, I shamefully bought a pint of peppermint candy cane ice cream envisioning a night of high-risk activity involving stuffing my face without judgement and guilt.

Smooches xo

This article was originally posted on my old blog in January 2013. 

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