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Whoa, this blog post must be something special if it means coming out of my 3-month blogging hiatius.

This is how Tina Turner must have felt when she declared her comeback tour eight years after her farewell tour.

Tina Turner … I get you.

The impetus for this return is due to a recent dining experience at Alo.

It was a normal Tuesday afternoon when my sister emailed me with the subject line “Alo tonight … yes or no?”

I’ve heard about Alo from my sister’s previous dining experience there along with overwhelmingly positive reviews from the city’s top-notch (and picky) restaurant critics.

Understanding that it takes about two months to secure a reservation at this tasting-menu only restaurant, the cryptic email must have meant one thing … sister dearest knew someone who gave up their reservations.

I responded “Heck yes” and counted down the hours until we met for dinner.

In the absence of a storefront signage, it’s easy to miss the entrance of the obscure building at 163 Spadina Ave.

We were greeted by a hostess before we entered into an elevator to the real entrance. At this point, I thought we were walking into a live version of Eli Roth’s Hostel film.

Quite the opposite.

As soon as we walked in, I knew this would be something special … something magical.


  • World class client service without being overbearing or pretentious for a fine dining restaurant. The servers all play a fluidity moving role in ensuring an extraordinary experience. For instance, there were a few little droplets of water (or maybe my drool) on the table and before I could even reach for my napkin, an Usain Bolt-like server dashed to my table and wiped it clean.
  • Inconsequential yet attentive details like offering a white or navy blue linen napkin sets Alo apart from its other high-end competitors. Why is this even a big deal? Say you’re wearing a fabulous little black dress, white linen would leave traces of lint. It’s the little things that counts.
  • At the center of Alo is Chef Patrick Kriss.  He leads a well-executed team of kitchen staff and even takes the time to inspect each dish resulting in attention-to-detail, intricate and delicate dishes. It’s like watching a masterful conductor guiding his orchestra into a beautifully polished symphony set.

Virginia Woolf said it best “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

And that certainly holds true about Alo.

Smooches xo

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