How To Host A Fabulous Brunch

As kids, we celebrate our birthdays with a party filled with family, friends, balloons and maybe even a clown *ugh*

As teenagers, a sleepover involving prank calls, Ouija board and ice cream sundaes was considered a rite of passage into adolescence.

In our 20’s, dressing up in a sausage casing aka mini skirt wearing open-toe shoes in the dead of winter (not that I’m speaking from experience) and getting your drank on with your entourage in the club – was the IT thing to do.

When you’re a grown-up, clowns, sleepovers and getting dolled up seems more like a chore than celebration.

Welcome to adulthood.

Just because you’re poppin’ babies instead of poppin’ bottles doesn’t mean your special day has to be less exciting.

Take my sister for instance.

Despite her hectic schedule of a high-demanding job, taking care of family and getting ripped at boot camp, she was still able to organize, plan and execute a birthday brunch over this past weekend.

With the proper preparation, time management and Pinterest, you can also host a brunch that would make Martha Stewart proud.

Beverage Station
Mimosa anyone?
Coffee and Tea Station
Stacking food allows more space and room for more food.
Placing your main entree onto a cutting board adds a rustic presentation.
Plan a menu based on the amount of people attending. You rather have too much food than make your guests starve.
A lovely combination of sweet and savoury foods.
Mini frittatas …. my contribution to brunch.
Recyclable plates and utensils = easy clean up and environmentally-friendly
Floral arrangements add a pop of colour to a party.

Also, check out my blog post on ideas to make your food presentation go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Smooches xo

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