10 Ways Not to Lose A Guy in 6 Minutes

What can you do in six minutes?

Brush your teeth and floss…

Wait for your daily latte at the Starbucks line-up…

Cook a perfect soft-boiled egg…

At a speed dating event, six minutes is typically the allocated time for each mini-date with a potential suitor.

If you are considering speed dating then ask yourself … what is my objective?

  • To meet my future daddy and spouse (high expectation)
  • To meet whoever I can get (low expectation)
  • To possibly meet someone interesting and secure a first date to get to know him better (realistic expectation)

You are up against 10 – 15 other gals vying for the attention of the buffet of bachelors.

FEAR THE COMPETITION?you got thisHere are ten ways to make yourself stand out from the crowd:

1. Bring a friend to relieve the tension but don’t cling on to each other.

2. The first few mini-dates will be the most nerve-wrecking and awkward. After your third date, you will be more relaxed and into the groove of conversing.

3. Compliment the other person right away. Say something pleasant about his eyes, smile, hair, outfit or cologne.

4. Dress to impress so you’ll also be on the receiving end of compliments.

5. Avoid first-date taboo topics like politics, religion, addictions and past relationships.

black and white date

6. Avoid asking about their future plans for marriage and kids. You don’t want to scare him off with your eau du desperation.

7. It’s tempting to drink to ease the nerves but you will probably end up acting like a fool. Stick to the 2-drink maximum rule  or don’t drink at all.

8. If your date is nervous or socially awkward, then break the ice by starting off with a joke.

9. Avoid asking the traditional questions about their childhood, education, occupation, blah blah blah and so forth. Be unique by asking any of these intriguing questions.

10. After your last mini-date, the event organizer will ask participants to complete a form identifying the person(s) who piqued your interest and if you want to exchange contact information.  This minimizes the stress and embarrassment asking for his contact information in person.

Sometimes, it’s not so black or white whether there is an instant connection when you initially meet someone through speed dating. Nerves are running high and for most people, this is stepping out of their comfort zone.

Remember, you are there to have fun and if you get a date out of it, well that’s just the cherry on top.

If you’ve tried speed dating, do you have any advice to share? Leave a comment below!

Smooches xo

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