15 Signs You’re With Mr. Right

Are you with Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now? We all have our wish list and our list of non-negotiables that our dream man must possess in order for him to pass GO in our dating journey. As the relationship evolves, there are certain universal qualities that will show he’s the one. You know you’re with a keeper when:

15. He encourages and supports you in pursuing your goals and dreams with sound advice and positive reinforcement. He sees your fullest potential even when you can’t.

14. He puts you in your place or calls out on your BS when you are out of line or being unreasonable over trivial matters.

13. He follows through on his words with actions. If he says he will call then you are not waiting by the phone because you know he will call.

12. He acknowledges you when meeting new people whether randomly bumping into friends or at a work party. He introduces you as his lady and not “friend.”

11. He makes you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world through his compliments and lustful looks.

10. He is supportive and nurturing when you are sick whether it’s getting you chicken soup or checking in on you throughout the day.

9. He remembers your birthday and anniversary because he knows it’s important to you.

couple in the rain

8. He is receptive (and even excited) to try out your interests and hobbies such as volunteering, your favourite restaurant or hiking. And vice versa. He also wants to explore a passion of his so you both will have more shared interests.

7. He is the first or second (to your parents) person you call when something great happens such as a new job because he will be happy for you and want to celebrate your success.

6. He introduces you to his family.

5. He integrates you into his social circle. If your man invites you out with his friends then that’s a sign he is comfortable with you and not afraid you’ll judge when his friends belch or say a crude joke.

4. You trust him with your most intimate and sacred secrets because you know he will not judge and he will not blab it to the rest of the world.

3. He tells you how much he appreciates and adores you.

2. You are more fulfilled and happier since you’ve met. Sure, you can bounce back if things don’t work out but your mind doesn’t even go there because you know this is the real thing.

How do you know if you’re with Mr. Right?

1. Because he would never EVER let you go.


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