5 Tips To Cure Holiday Hangover

Please select one of the following true statements about your holidays:

A) I Netflix binge on “Making a Murderer.”
B) I had at least one glass of Prosecco or other festive alcoholic beverage.
C) I ate so many sweets even Willy Wonka would puke.
D) All of the above.

No judgment if you select one or all of the answers above.

Tomorrow is my first day back to the office after 12 days off.

12 active days of running around spending quality time with family and friends; sporadically squeezing in a work-out to justify eating another slice of cake and watching the Netflix flavour of the month.

Tomorrow will be a real challenge for most of us after over-indulging during the holidays.

Preparation is key to easing back into the daily grind and not pulling a George Costanza nap time incident at the office.

Here are five helpful tips you can activate today in preparation of a better work day tomorrow:


Prepare your meals for the next two days or ideally, for the week. I suspect a copious amount of coffee throughout the day so I will have an extra large cup ready for my drive to work.



Speaking of driving to work, my typical commute is 50 – 60 minutes which is average for most Torontonians. Listening to the radio can leave me restless. There’s this one time, I heard Drake’s Hotline Bling 3 times within the hour! Now I fill my time and brain cells with podcasts including learning how to speak Mandarin, Serial (so good) and Criminal.


Answer important emails today so you’re well-equipped to handle any urgent matters first thing in the morning.


My weekly Sunday ritual includes planning my wardrobe, laundry, ironing and selecting the accessories to match. This saves me from frantically wondering what I should wear because “I couldn’t decide if the navy skirt goes with my pink cardigan” isn’t a valid excuse to be late.


Hopefully, you went to bed at your usual time on Saturday and not saving it for tonight. If you slept in this morning (guilty as charge) then avoid napping, disconnect from electronics including TV, iPad and phone an hour before bedtime and get to bed early.

What are you planning to do to survive the first day back at work? Leave a comment below!

Smooches xo



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