5 Inspirational Quotes For 2016

2016 is a New Year … New Beginnings … New Chapter. If you are one that is ready to take on a new challenge or looking to start fresh whether it’s in love, career or any area of your life then check out these quotes that will hug your inner soul and inspire you to make change.

If anything, it is an easy read while you’re nursing your hangover. Yes, you 😉


Reflect on the positive experiences and try to re-create those moments of happiness from 2015. Learn and grow from the not-so-great experiences and take them as life lessons to make you an even better person.


Holding onto the past will never allow you to move on and start fresh. If someone wronged you then confront them and this could be through a letter that you don’t even send to them. This is your cathartic opportunity to write down all of the grievances. Let go of the coulda-woulda-shoulda.


We all say and do things to appease others – parents, significant other, children, friends, boss and even strangers. Make 2016 the Year of Self-Love. It’s not about being selfish .. it’s about taking care of your own inner health that will allow you to fully help those around you.


Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Cut out sweets or fats if that’s your vice. Find a gym or workout buddy to keep each other on track. Small changes today will make a big difference three months down the road.


Find your passion whether it’s igniting a new flame or rejuvenating your current relationship. Find passion in a new hobby … a creative outlet (such as reading, writing, knitting).

Here’s wishing you the best year of your life. It’s yours to create.

Smooches xo


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