A Love Letter To My Future Husband

I’m writing a love letter to my husband but I haven’t met him yet.

If it sounds like I’m still playing imaginary games from childhood, let me explain before you think I’ve gone bonkers.

Back in high school, my friend Jen wrote a letter to her future husband outlining all the qualities she was looking for in her Prince Charming. She suggested I did the same but at that time, I was reluctant and didn’t see the value in it.

But a recent incident changed my mind.

I was having dinner with a girlfriend at Charcut and we were venting talking about the dating scene in Calgary. I mentioned writing a love letter to our future husbands and she thought it was a brilliant idea.

After dinner, we went to Nuit Blanche (a contemporary late-night arts festival) and there was a cool exhibit for people to write letters to someone they love and pin it on a public display.


Talk about a serendipitous moment! That’s when I knew it was time to write this letter.

If you are aware about the Law of Attraction then this is an actionable way of manifesting your desire and wish of finding eternal love out into the universe.

Sounds like a bunch of witchcraft or extreme cheesiness? Then move on.

But if you’re interested in writing a letter, here are six helpful hints:

Be specific about the qualities you seek in him

In order to truly know what you’re looking for in a future mate, it’s important to compile a list of deal-breakers.  If you need guidance on putting together this list then check out my blog post about Non-Negotiables.

In the letter, express your gratitude and appreciation for the things about him that make you smile .

Example: Thank you for making me laugh with your silly jokes when I’m having a bad day at work. 

Paint a picture of a special moment

Envision a scenario that you foresee in your future such as celebrating an anniversary, a romantic coffee date where you talk for hours or cooking breakfast together. Generate the feeling of already being with him and translate it into words.

Example: The best part of the weekend is when we wake up together, brew a pot of coffee, make bacon and eggs and watch Suits on Netflix all day. 

Be inspired

Writing a letter when you’re not in the lovey dovey mood can be challenging. Sometimes, it’s best to find the words through other people’s songs and poetry. Think of love songs by Frank Sinatra or Whitney Houston. And you definitely can’t go wrong with the beautifully written poems by Lang Leav.

Her Words by Lang Leav

Set the mood

Ok, it’s not like you’re writing a Danielle Steele novel but it may help to dim the lights, place a few candles and play romantic music around you. Put away your phone and turn off the TV. Be in the moment and let the words come to you.

Your promise to him

Showing your gratitude is important but also share what you will offer to him in the relationship.

Example: I promise to not walk away when we fight; I promise you hot chocolate on a cold winter night in front of the fire; I promise to never take you for granted and always show my appreciation; I promise to celebrate your successes and be your support when life gets rough; I promise that as long as we’re together, you will have a smile on your face every day.

Now that you’ve written your letter, seal it in an envelope, put it away in a secret (but memorable place) and let the universe do the rest.

When the time comes and you meet Mr. Right, give it to him on your wedding day.

Smooches xo

Look! Someone wrote me a letter. But I don't know if my future hubby wears that shade of lipstick.
Look! Someone wrote me a letter. But I don’t know if my future hubby wears that shade of lipstick.

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