A Letter To My 20 Year Old Self

Dear Sara,

I hate to break this to you but the romantic and dramatic love stories portrayed in the fairy tales and romantic comedies starring Matthew McConaughey … well it’s a bunch of BS.

To say that someone else will make you complete; make you whole; make you feel fulfilled; make you invincible is not exactly true.

The utterly, earth-shattering, indescribable love that you need to find. Guess what?

It’s right in front you. Go look in the mirror. That’s love right there.

The love for yourself is a projection of self-confidence, security and happiness that will invite great people in your life.

Do things that make YOU happy. Discover YOUR own passions, interests and hobbies. So when you do meet the right guy, he will complement rather than complete your life.

You will meet those charming sweet talking guys who will take days to call you back, make last minute plans and don’t show the true commitment you’re looking for and deserve.

These will be guys who break your heart making the world feel like it’s closing in on you.

As your heart heals, you’ll come to the realization that Mr. Right Now serves a purpose … he’s part of your journey to finding Mr. Right.

Mr. Right may not be the hottest or richest guy but he’s the one who nervously asks you out; the authentic guy who isn’t afraid to express his feelings; the guy who genuinely wants to make you happy.

That’s the guy for you.


Remember to be present … be in the moment. Whether you’re single or in a relationship.

When you go so deep in the analytical abyss of your thoughts and concerns … that’s when you’ll become bat shit crazy. And no man wants a woman in a white stray jacket … not even it’s vintage Chanel.

Don’t succumb to pressure from family, friends and society to marry the boyfriend who has the financial security (he’ll be too busy making money to spend time with you); who makes you feel comfortable and safe (that’s what your blankie is for); the one who doesn’t challenge or make you smile (trust me, you’ll get bored and become Diane Lane in Unfaithful) or the one who emotionally or physically harms you (that’s just wrong … and criminal).

Don’t settle.

Fall in love with yourself first then the rest of the world including the love of your life will fall in love with you.

Stay hopeful. Stay optimistic.

Smooches xo



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