10 Ways to Meet Your Perfect Match

Remember those high school days, one sweet exchange with our crush in chemistry class, a week long of innocent flirting by our lockers and the next thing we know, we are dancing with our new boyfriend at the school dance. Dating was so simple when we were young and innocent.

Nowadays, it seems the dating journey is more perplexing, overwhelming and discouraging even though there are more opportunities and options to meet that someone special.

Have no fear. Consider this your GPS navigating your way through the dating jungle. Here is a list of ten traditional and modern-day ways to meet your perfect match:


This the most traditional, tried and tested method of meeting that special someone. Your friends make the best matchmakers since they know you so well – your strengths, complexities, interests and the type of person you are looking for. It’s important to inquire about common traits, values and hobbies to see if it’s a match apart from just the two of you are single.


Gone are the days when dating sites are perceived to be for the desperate unattractive introverts who lack social skills. It’s now the norm to know couples who met online and flourish into a long-lasting relationship or marriage. Dating sites are great for people who have busy schedules; do not frequent the bar scene; and ready to invest time and money to selectively find a mate.


These types of sites differ from dating websites as they are targeted to people looking to meet others with the same interests and hobbies. Meetup is an online community which facilitates offline events for people with like-minded interests from hiking and meditation to those who love to chow down on chicken wings over beers. Meet Market Adventures is another concept that brings singles together in activities ranging from cooking lessons to cross-country skiing.


If it’s volunteering your time preparing meals for a homeless family shelter or physically challenging yourself for a race, giving back is good for your body, soul and community. These types of events bring together people who are genuinely interested in making the world a better place.


Compared to dance clubs, beer markets invite a more relaxed and down-to-earth clientele and atmosphere. The communal tables encourage patrons to sit next to strangers where it’s natural to engage in each other’s conversations. Break the ice by asking a cutie if he can suggest a golden lager or pale ale. As you know, men love to give advice especially if it involves beer.


If the bar scene is not your cup of tea then perhaps try a cup of java. Coffee shops are always filled with solo people working on their laptops or reading a book. Strike up a conversation by asking about their favourite coffee or the book they are reading.



There are plenty of options from membership-based groups to informal free groups to meet someone who share a goal of staying active and possibly training for a race or marathon. Even though sweating and panting doesn’t sound all that attractive, you can definitely get to know someone during the hour of running. And it can extend beyond just a local group or event. There are fun and exciting events across the country including competitions held in a vineyard or zombie attack races.


Check your local art gallery and museum for adult-friendly activities. In Calgary, Telus Spark Science Centre hosts an after hours adults-only night the second Thursday of each month where guests partake in an interactive exhibit. There is also a live DJ and access to a licensed bar.


Being on vacation and being away from your daily routine makes you more relaxed, carefree and daring to try new adventures and meet new people. If travelling alone sounds intimidating then try joining a travel group like GAP Adventures. You could also meet someone before getting to your destination at the airport or even the person sitting next to you on the plane.


The dog park is a mecca for meeting and socializing with other dog owners … and single people. When your dog is playfully spooning with another dog, it can definitely make for an awkward yet interesting conversation starter. To continue the flirtation, exchange numbers and suggest going for a stroll at another dog park. If you don’t have a dog then tag along with a friend who owns a pooch.

perfect match dog

If you’re sitting in a public space right now, look around you. How many people are focusing on their phones or laptops? Be in the moment and observe your surroundings. You never know who may catch your eye.

Smooches xo

Original article can be found on Modern Socialite.


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