Can You Be Friends With An Ex? An Urban Legend Revealed.


Demi Moore’s ___ tagged along on family vacations when she was still married to Ashton Kutcher.

Elizabeth Hurley’s ___ is her son’s godfather.

Cameron Diaz even starred in a movie with her ___.

If you answered male relative, dog or parole officer then you are WRONG.

I am referring to the EX.

Rarely does a relationship ends mutually or amicably. Even if you hear a couple broke up on mutual terms, there is always one person who initiated the break up.

It is seriously difficult to be chummy with someone whom you shared your most innermost feelings and secrets with.

So I decided to explore more deeply into the urban legend – staying friends with an ex.

I asked my close circle of friends – both males and females – and responses ranged from:

“Hell to the no. An ex is an ex for a reason.”

“When I broke up with her, I offered to remain friends to lessen the blow and I didn’t want to seem like a jerk.”

“We’re still friends because we were good friends to start with.” 

“There’s so much history and we grew up together. There’s no one who knows me as much as she does.”

Through my extensive research, it is possible to remain friends if the following applies:

  • Unresolved feelings have been worked through and there is no resentment towards each other.
  • Neither of you wants to get back together.
  • You’re comfortable if your partner moves on with someone else.
  • You are no longer attracted to the opposite sex.
  • You no longer have the urge to pin a voodoo doll of your ex.

Remaining friends with an ex is something that should also be considered when entering a new relationship. If your new partner is comfortable and confident about your friendship then all the power to you.

But if it doesn’t sit well with him/her then perhaps it’s time to end the friendship because what’s more important to you? A former flame or a new love?

Are you friends with your ex? If so, you obviously have super powers so please share your secret by leaving a comment below!

Smooches xo


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